Aexio Xeus

Aexio Xeus 12.4

Optimizes the network and provides in-depth analysis for RF engineers
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Improves the overall mobile network quality of service (QoS). Supports individual user or cell level troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Xeus is a comprehensive solution designed for RF Engineers by RF Engineers. Xeus heightens engineering productivity by providing a PC based solution that intelligently post processes and analyzes multiple network data’s, including network configuration data, measurement recording data and drive test data.

As a daily optimization support GIS software, Xeus integrates seamlessly into daily operations and network expansion activities, performing smart analyses whilst detecting common radio problems that compromises the networks Quality of Service .

Over the past few years, RF engineers from around the globe have been downloading and using our free Xeus Lite . Chances are that you are using it yourself. Based on feedback from Xeus Lite users, Aexio Software decided to upgrade the software to offer fully functional optimization for your daily optimization activities.

Main Features:

- Visualize entire multi-vendor Network sites through MapInfo™ or Google™ Earth Mapping for 3D Visualization
- Network Tree feature to View detailed Cell Configurations & Parameter settings
- Network KPI Statistics import for plotting in MapInfo™ and Google™ Earth. Inclusive of Statistics trend and worst performance charts
- GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, CDMA, WIMAX multi-band support
- Swift Network import from TEMS ™ Cel File, GSM /WCDMA Parameter import from switch dumps
- Action Plan Creator tracks changes and produces change reports
- Cell Configuration Editor & add or remove Neighbor & Site options
- Smart Channel, Code & Neighbor Finder Including
IRAT Neighbors
- Supports Bing™ Map feature from MapInfo™ (version 10.5 and above)
- Supports LTE for importing Network data using Xeus Interchange Format (xif)
- Supports new network dump files from Alcatel 2G,
Nortel 3G and newer version of Nokia RNC, Huawei BSC and Huawei RNC
- Supports new Google™ Earth Plugin that allows embedded window viewing. Choose between Google™ Earth Plugin and Google™ Earth Desktop application
- Phyton Scripting gives users the power to script diagnostic Logic using the Script Editor View

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